a brown skating rink and other news

today, our tile guy built the shower curb and set the sublayer for the shower. i peeked in while he was working and he described to me what he was doing. i told him it looked kind of like he was playing in a sandbox. he laughed.

he also poured the self-leveler on the rest of the floor. it is now all shiny and smooth. he put tape across the door to keep us out!

other updates:

1) we're having the hardest time deciding on a material for the vanity top. first, i went to princess marble to get an estimate on cultured marble (which is an engineered material) with two integrated sinks (just plain white, of course). ben wasn't super thrilled about the material, and maggie gave a less-than-sterling review of the cultured marble tops she's seen. so i called our corian guy for an estimate. it was almost twice as much as the cultured marble. eek! so i went back to princess marble and asked for "one step up" from cultured marble. she recommended stone, because we can use a remnant and get a decent price. because i'm crazy about white and very particular about speckles and veining, she suggested quartz. but with stone, you can't have integrated sinks, so you have to decide about a drop-in or an undermount sink...grrrr. we'll see.

2) i'm zooming in on a camera purchase (get it? zooming! ha!). i think it will be a canon. but the real question is: new or slightly used? we'll see. more research needed.