tile attempt #2

i just can't say enough about God's faithfulness. saturday was a really sweet day, and God certainly blessed me in more ways that i can even know.

i get in so much trouble for assuming. we all know what assuming does...and if you don't, you can ask me and i'll finish the joke for you. :)

ben and i went and looked at tile on saturday morning, and i had been praying about it throughout the week. ben and i have really, really different taste, and i was concerned that we would end up frustrated, unable to find something we would like. a lot of times, we can find common ground, but i worry that i'm steering things a little too much. this is something i wrestle with in general—i vowed to submit to my husband. my heart's desire is to honor him. yet, the "home" is my responsibility. ben called me the CFO, the "chief food officer"—and that is just one example. i'm in charge of cleaning, meal planning, grocery shopping, and in general, decorating. [side note: please don't misunderstand. ben is not oppressive. we both believe in biblical gender roles and embrace them, with the Spirit's help. so he has his areas of focus (the marketplace, as mark driscoll calls it), and i have mine, and we work together—but the household is my "specialty."]

okay. so back to tile. the bottom line is that ben and i are going to use this master bathroom every day, and i want him to love it. i want him to feel comfortable, relaxed, able to prepare for his day. so i felt an especially heavy burden over this choice. [side note: when we were at the tile store, i was thinking about how small and unimportant this is in the entire scope of things. people live in mud huts, you know? anyways. the decision needs to be made.]

ben woke up saturday morning after having a bad dream about tile—we found something we liked, but the store wouldn't sell it to us for some reason. so that was kind of a funny start to the day! we went to the tile shop first, partly because they have tons of installations to help visualize the big picture. ben pointed out two bathrooms that were okay to him, and both had plain white porcelain hex tiles on the floor. that was fine with me, so we had a good start. [let it be known that i am not the only one in our house who likes white!] he surprised me by veering toward a marble pillowed subway tile shower. i loved it, so we were on our way. we picked out a pretty greige glass accent to run as a thin line through the shower. there were a few tense moments, but we got some pricing and i think we left feeling pretty good.

but ben never takes a first offer [wise man!], so we headed back to kate-lo. i had to return the


i had pulled last week and assumed ben would like (but he did not! trouble for assuming!). after looking for a bit, ben absolutely blew my mind by suggesting a carrera marble basketweave tile for the shower floor and a similar accent to run through the shower wall. again, trouble for assuming. i never in a thousand years would have thought he would like those tiles. and what a happy surprise, because i liked them, too! i was so happy that he had selected it on his own, not by me pushing it at him.

anyways, enough talk. here are a few snaps of the samples we pulled from kate-lo. i threw a few paint chips on top for some color, but nothing is final. if we go with the kate-lo options below, we'll do a plain white subway tile on the shower walls.

then we went to taco john's for lunch. [yum! i'm slowly being won over from taco bell.] we spent the afternoon working hard in the yard. it was a really sweet day. i crashed early, exhausted. God commands us to work, and it is for our good! He knows what we need, and His commandments truly are for our benefit. kaylee, thanks for reminding me about the sweetness of psalm 119!

"your testimonies are wonderful; therefore my soul keeps them. the unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple." verses 129–130