thankful: the marys!

"plans are established by counsel;
by wise guidance wage war."
proverbs 20:18.

i am blessed to have an amazing mother and an amazing mother-in-law. curiously, they are both named mary! i just got off the phone with my mom, and boy, does she ever give me the "wise guidance" mentioned in proverbs 20:18. we ate lunch with my mother-in-law today, and she is such an example of humility and hospitality. praise be to God for wise mothers who model compassion and domesticity. ben and i have been so blessed by their influences and selflessness.

i love that our wedding photographer caught these moments when our parents hugged (right after ben and i walked together down the aisle as husband and wife). ben and i didn't see this happen, so it was especially sweet to see the photos. seeing the looks on their faces almost brings me to tears. what joy God has given us. i am so grateful.

happy mother's day!