fantastic birthday weekend!

yay-hoo! i'm officially 26 years old. my birthday weekend was filled with fabulous things, including (but not limited to): robin hood, lots of laughs with my husband, red robin, cleaning the house (God granted me tremendous joy in this task), finishing humility with the small group, lunch with the family, time outside, great worship songs, witnessing my nephew's dedication, my sister's homemade café latte turtle cake, seeing how adorably pregnant my sister-in-law is, gifts of a green and white theme, and just all-around awesomeness. and could the weather have been any more lovely?

i wore this on friday (my birthday), and this pic shows how goofy and happy i was feeling. i sewed this skirt a while back, but never posted pics! if you have the april issue of real simple, flip to page 104. that page holds my inspiration for this ensemble (or did i straight up copy? where's the line there?). anyways, i followed this tutorial for the skirt, except without pockets. i added a lining, too, because the fabric was thin.

my mom said something at lunch yesterday that struck me: God made us to be productive and creative. she said it in the context of work and laziness. i just thought i'd share that. i don't have anything to add.