d*s jewelry project

do you read design*sponge? it is one of my favorites. some of the posts don't interest me, but there are usually more than five posts a day—enough to keep everyone happy! my favorite categories are the before and afters (usually posted on thursdays), the sneak peeks, and the DIY projects. i was inspired by their embroidered handkerchiefs post and used the idea to make some hankies for ben (but i used my machine instead of doing it by hand).

d*s is where i got the instructions for this little lady, which i finished last week:

d*s posted the instructions in february, and i saved the post because it totally seemed like something my sister-in-law, maggie, would like. she sells premier designs jewelry. her birthday was last week, so i made one for her. but i thought while i was at it, i would make one for myself, too!

now this project involves a jig saw. i didn't have one. BUT, one saturday after church, i found out my parents-in-law had bought a scroll saw for their kids many years ago as a Christmas gift...and it was sitting in their basement, unused, ready for a project. i pretty much squealed.

so here are the pics. i cut out the template, glued it together, traced it onto the wood (i used pine because it is soft for cutting and paints well), and went at it with the scroll saw. it took almost an hour for each form. many relief cuts and a few coats of paint later, i was done! 

it is fun to style it up with my favorite jewelry pieces. go explore design*sponge!

and happy memorial day, by the way. thank you, veterans!