two feet

what a difference two feet can make. when we redid our kitchen, we took out two side-by-side closets to expand the space. how much did we gain? two feet. and it felt like much more than that.

after getting the header/permit situation figured out for the master remodel, our contractor was able to come today to do some framing for us. he took down a wall that was part of a closet and put in a header. the walls and new doorways are now in the right spots, and boy, do the rooms feel changed. again, we shifted walls to expand the bedroom by about two feet, and the rooms feel so different. when i walked in, there was shrieking—the good kind.

you can see where the wall used to be. this outlined area was a closet between the bedrooms, but we are creating a walk-in closet elsewhere, so we didn't need this closet anymore. we took down the wall and incorporated the two feet into the master bedroom (to the left). the opposite side (to the right) will be the master bath.

the wall we took down was load bearing, so we needed to have this header installed where the wall was. it comes down from the ceiling about five inches. not the most ideal, but doing so allowed us to gain that extra two feet!

 more zoomed-out shots. the framed doorway on the right will lead from the master bedroom into the master bath.

we may or may not have ordered a little too much lumber. :)

tomorrow, we are set to help my brother and sister-in-law paint their new house! they moved in today, and we haven't seen it yet. can't wait! it will be nice to step away from our own project and help someone else on theirs. they are expecting their first baby in august, so i'm especially excited to help them begin to build their "nest." until the future!