a snapshot of the past few weeks

life has been full of events, both at work and at home. here are the highlights:

1) this past weekend, i heard andrée seu speak at the bethlehem women's conference. she was awesome, unconventional. i want to be her friend. she even described herself as "melancholy." she was a bit stream of consciousness, and entirely practical. God used her words to speak into my life about how to tackle fear. what a blessing she was. (and what a vocabulary! she's definitely a writer. i even got to meet her and she signed my book! i told her i was a bit starstruck and she looked around and said, "why, did someone walk by?") our pastor's wife blogged about her here, too.

2) i've got the itch to garden. i planted some basil, parsley, and chives to keep in the kitchen window. they are practice, so we'll see how they turn out. i have a beautiful ranunculus plant out on the front step, and a few house plants i'm learning to care for. oh yeah—the hostas my mom and i split last summer are coming up! i had a long conversation with my managing editor today about gardening and plants, and i'm totally motivated. however...

3) our side yard looks like this [see above!]. at one point this was a nice garden, according to the reports of neighbors. but now it is overgrown and unkempt. we tore out the stakes and wire (and the random oar???), and ben started tilling it. we'll seed it and it will hopefully be grass before too long.

4) in other yard news, our neighbor painted our shed for us. here's the before pic. the after will come before too long (i've said that before, though...). let's just say ben and i are like-minded in our preference for blue.

5) speaking of like-mindedness, we need to pick out tile for the master bathroom—floor and shower. i pulled some samples from kate-lo, but ben didn't really like any of them—and that was fine by me! it kind of made me laugh afterwards, because i picked ones i thought he might like, but they weren't ones that i was particularly crazy about, either. shows how little i know about his taste! anyways, we'll go look again on saturday, and hopefully we'll put our heads together and find something we both like. because, like taylor swift says, "two is better than one!" [cheesy, i know.]