saturday {4.10.2010}

well, we got the load-bearing wall situation figured out, thanks to my husband's perseverance and dedication! he got the permit from the city yesterday, so we are full speed ahead to make up for some lost time.

but first, a side story. when i came home from work on friday night, i was so confused to see tons and tons of vans, suvs, and cars with trailers trolling around our neighborhood. i also noticed that there was a toilet in the front of our neighbor's yard. what was going on?

it took me a while to realize that this weekend the city would pick up junk and trash from people's houses if they put it all by the curb. and the trollers were looking for treasure! i'm not kidding, people had desks, chairs, mattresses, beds, old christmas decorations, and all sorts of other things out on their front lawns.

so we decided to join in on the fun. we put out three old doors that we had torn down, as well as our very own demo-ed toilet. but this morning, here's what we saw:

a rejection notice. apparently, porcelain isn't accepted into the program. it's okay, we have a dumpster for situations such as these!

anyways, today's work included a trip to cannon recovery (which we have had good experiences with in the past) to look for doors. but we looked at vanities, tile, etc, too.

that last one made us laugh. we didn't have any luck, so we went to order some doors at menards: poplar two-panels with brushed nickel hinges.

when we came home, we pulled a bunch of nails out of the studs to prep for some contractors who will hopefully come this week. then, ben stepped on a nail! praise God that he just had a tetanus shot a few weeks ago. hmmm, i should probably get one of those, too...