saturday {3.20.2010}

more images to tell the tale. God multiplied our time this past saturday. we got the tile floor up in about an hour! at first we were chipping away at the tile and cement layer underneath, but (perhaps because of rot?) we eventually got it to come up in huge chunks.

we also took up the wood floor in the bedroom that will be our bathroom. once we figured out a system, it was fast work. man, did we work hard! it felt good to do that physical labor.

we also had a pretty good system going for cleanup—i loaded up bins and buckets with debris (drywall, flooring, tile, etc.) and passed it all out the window to ben, who took it to the dumpster. that's right, the dumpster is back. hopefully just until june, though!

the last few images are from this evening. ben smashed up a 400-pound cast-iron tub and we transported it out the window. i overheard him on the phone saying that now he feels "good and manly." :)