a new p.o.v.

i'm currently reading digital slr cameras & photography for dummies (from the library). i'm only about 35 pages in, but i'm really enjoying it. i'd like to buy a dslr in the future, so i figure i better study up before i start looking. i'm having a lot of fun taking my point-and-shoot into manual mode and playing around. ben said my photos have been looking better, so i feel encouraged!

two photography concepts that particularly interest me are point of view and depth of field. i like the idea of using focus and blur as creative tools. the books/blogs also recommend getting up high or down low to take shots from a different-than-expected angle.

so i experimented some more. last saturday, a gray day, i looked out the window and the vines growing on the side of our shed caught my eye. the vertical stripes had potential...so i grabbed my camera and tried to think in terms of point of view and depth of field. here's what i ended up with.