here we go again!

the first day of demolition—saturday—went pretty well.

we found some lovely wallpaper behind the bathroom mirror.

when we took down the mirror, we dropped it a little—but only a small corner broke. i was thanking God—what if the whole thing had shattered?

i removed the vent and return covers. yuck! as gross as they are, vacuuming something like this is kind of satisfying. {side note: after we finish this remodel, we need to get our ducts cleaned!} then i stuffed them with insulation wrapped in plastic.

we tore off all the trim, casing, and doors. we got the wood paneling off the wall in the front bedroom, too.

we stopped there because we need to buy one of these dust barriers. drywall demo kicks up a lot of dust and we want to protect the other parts of the house that we've worked so hard on.

oh yeah, and we also made a budget and timeline. from the looks of it, we won't be finished with this remodel until mid-june. (which, as someone pointed out, is just in time for us to tackle outdoor projects!) here's to hoping we finish ahead of schedule! :)