dust barrier

on tuesday night we put up our zip wall, which means the dust is now contained in that part of the house. so when we go in, we are free to kick up as much dust as we want!

it's kinda cool. you stretch plastic across two poles, and then install zippers to make a doorway. ben was stuck in there until we put on the zippers! ;)

then we got to work. we have an old 5-disc cd player that's all dirty and perfect for such occasions. first, we listened to the used (which is fitting music for ripping down walls and tile). but the next cd was ben folds. not quite right...so ben asked me to see what was next. when we heard the first few notes of "brightest" by copeland, i head ben yell from the other room, "i don't want to shave my legs...i want to rock!" i almost died laughing and changed it back to the used.

the tile came down easily because it was so rotted. yuck.

i shed blood relatively quickly...but it's not from what you might think. i gashed my finger opening the zip wall box! so klutzy.