a week in pictures: february 14, 2010

this has been a great week. busy, but full of good stuff. we spent time with another couple (who have two darling children) on wednesday night. he's in the military and during their marriage, due to deployments, they've been apart longer than they've been together. they love Jesus. they tell great stories. and they are really patient with one another.

i went to a jewelry party on thursday night with my sister-in-law and my oldest minnesota friend, whitney. another great time!

and what a fun night we had last night! it was ben's idea to have one last hurrah before we start our next renovation. so we invited a few friends over for an "open house" to celebrate our progress and hunker down before we start again. a few friends stayed late—past our usual bedtime. as ben said, he likes that because "it makes him not feel so old."

oh, and i'm also attempting to learn a bit more about photography. i've sought advice and i've been told to just keep practicing with what i have (a canon point-and-shoot), read up, borrow a friend's "real" camera to learn the ropes, and go from there. so i'm attempting to do just that: practice away.

okay, enough with the talky, on to the pictures! they are few but fun.

{making ben's favorite sweet chex mix for our gathering.}

{an old chair was updated in a fun new fabric.}

{cramming for small group tonight, which we're hosting. i'd highly recommend humility. well, both, actually.}