notes from the brown couch

good morning! it's been a while. i'll jump right in.

ben and i spent this past week with his family visiting lovely sanibel island, florida. we couldn't have asked for better weather—it was sunny and in the seventies almost every day!

family, food, and good reading. what a great way to spend a trip! i'd like to recommend one book in particular: notes from the tilt-a-whirl: wide-eyed wonder in God's spoken world by n. d. wilson. my brother gave it to my husband for Christmas. ben was sitting directly in front of me on the plane, and when he finished it, he just handed it straight back to me. i opened it up right away. before too long, i had laughed out loud (likely startling the passengers on either side of me) and shed a few tears (although that isn't saying much for me).

it is unlike any book i've ever read. it's the author's thoughts—at first they seem random, but after one read, i can see how calculated he was. i'm sure i'll understanding more after another time through it. wilson focuses on God's creation as His Word...He spoke, He is still speaking. he discusses art, philosophy, ants, good vs. evil, fuzzy kittens, raging seas, and hell. it weaves the Gospel throughout and ends with our final conversation with the One who spoke us into being. [side note: looks like n. d. wilson also writes children's fiction. he's incredibly pleasant to read.]

that's it for now! ben and i are planning to purge our bedroom closet today. then church and a love-cars show. yippee!