back again!

i took an unintentional two-month break from blogging! to be honest, i kind of just forgot about it. i've been encouraged by the people who have urged me to update. it makes me happy that people are reading this.

friends have been asking us if we're done with the house yet. the short answer is both yes and no. we're done with a phase of it, but i realize we'll never be "done" entirely. it is a work in progress, and even when we have the home furnished and decorated, i'm sure i'll want to keep playing around with things. but that is the fun part of being a homeowner! for now, we are going to enjoy the holidays and pick back up with our master bedroom in february.

so in honor of being "done" with this first phase, ben and i went and spent a weekend at a hotel in minneapolis. our room was beautiful - on the top floor, corner room, with two walls of windows looking over the city! i got plenty of decorating inspiration, especially for our upcoming master bath remodel. it was an incredibly restful weekend, and a blessing to spend such quality time with my husband.

we went to the james j. hill house on saturday, which was super fun.

in other news, today was our church's women's Christmas brunch. kristen and i decorated and hosted a table. i'm glad she remembered to snap some photos, because i completely forgot.

my mom, sister, and i have gone to this brunch for many is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. more family and friends come each year, and it was a joy to celebrate the birth of our Savior with these precious women.

i'll try to remember to be back tomorrow with a few snapshots from the house. until the future!