ben's birthday blitz

blitz is a football term, right? because i think it's probably the best way to describe what happened this past saturday. friends and family converged on our home to paint our walls! why the blitzing? because saturday was ben's 26th birthday! woohoo!

the best part was that he had no idea everyone was coming. he thought it would be the two of us + his sister, maggie, and brother-in-law, wes. i'm surprised he didn't catch on when i kept on buying more brushes and roller covers at sherwin williams on friday night!

for those special helpers who contributed and are reading this, thanks THanks THANKS! it was such a blessing to get everything done in ONE day, instead of the 3-4 it would have taken me and ben if we had done it alone. you are the best, and we are blessed by your selflessness and willingness to help. ben said it was the best birthday gift he could have received.

(kristen came over on friday night to help us prime the living room, after some red robin, of course.)

(hands down, best painting outfit - although maggie's was pretty awesome, too.)

(crissy in the blue room.)

(kaylee in the bathroom.)

(i'm not really sure what is going on in this picture.)

(birthday balloons and treats for benji!)


(wow, that's one MEGA GREIGE.)

(food, painting, and maggie's new premier jewelry in the corner.)

(the product placement in this photo was unintentional.)

(maggie doing the "mary smile.")

(bruce and the notorious miss b.e.f.)

(pirates! she knows how to dress for the occasion.)

(men at work: ben, wes, mikey, and DORIAN GRAY.)

(another one i'm not sure about...)

(butter sauce and steamed pudding ensued.)

(the birthday boy doing what he does best.)

(caught in the courtyard!)

(everyone loves a happy painter.)

(my arms were sore.)

(i love this picture!)

(cleaning up shop.)

(wrought iron off!)

(we were trying to do a serious pose. it didn't work.)

(the very grateful couple.)

for those of you who have endured to the end, here is a sneak peek of our exterior, sans new garage door. before pictures here.