tearin down the house

this has been a big week in the life of our home. many drastic changes! the thing about doing projects ourselves is that they take a long, long time, but this week, we called in the big guns and had the pros get to reworking the entire exterior of our home. they started tuesday, and when they're done we'll have new windows, siding, and a new roof.

as mentioned, we started tearing off the siding ourselves a few weeks ago. we continued on labor day with the help of beth and crissy. i'm not gonna caption all these photos, but basically, the siding came off (revealing large amounts of hideous dead creatures), the brick came down, new windows and a door went in, and our house was wrapped in tyvek homewrap love.

having help doesn't mean we're off the hook. we'll be a trim-painting factory for the next few weeks.