north oaks rummage sale

hi! yesterday was a fun day. i had heard about the north oaks rummage sale from ben, so i got up bright and early (after a late night of surprise partying for my mother-in-law) to head up to shoreview. the sale started at 7 - i got there a little after. it was pretty crazy. police directing traffic, people parking and practically running to the door...a little preview of holiday shopping.

but it was so worth it. first, on the drive up, the sun was making beautiful pink and orange patterns in the sky, and i was listening to a bruce ware sermon about the self-sufficiency of God. second, i left with some good stuff! i had intended to look for some living room chairs - perhaps ones that could be reupholstered or painted. i also wanted to look for dining chairs or a coffee table.

but i also got some clothes - pieces were $2 or $3! i found a white sweater that is super '80s, a beautiful pair of ann taylor dress pants, a fun a-line skirt, a crazy sequined top (i'm a sucker for sparkly), and two bright scarves.

but there were many other things to look at, too.

(housewares galore.)

(for the kitschy kitchen.)

(loved this chair - sold.)

(these chairs were amazing. the wood was beautiful. but they were only selling as a part of an $850 bedroom set. bummer.)

(sorry for the blurry picture - i was in line for my purchase and it was kind of a mob mentality. but this huge tufted blue ottoman was really lovely. in great shape, too.)

(many things to see!)

and finally...what i bought. when i first walked in, i went straight to the furniture. i was looking at this chair and a worker asked me if i wanted to put my name on it to hold it - then i could have 30 minutes to decide and pay for it. i said yes! i was kind of nervous because it is such a crazy green...but it is actually in really good shape. but who am i kidding? i love a good green. and those arms...beautiful! i'm not sure if i'll paint it, but i could. i'm keeping it in the back of my suv so i can get some bids on costs for reupholstering it. it is in really good shape and is comfortable to sit in.

(tufted back+beautiful arms=definite potential.)

when i was in line, a few people came up to me and said how much they liked the chair...i was glad for the affirmation because i was kind of waffling. we'll see where this project lands.

until the future!