a gray day at the house

it was a gray, rainy day here in bloomington...but i came home to a little gray on the house, too!

have i mentioned that we are doing gray siding? maybe i have. i forget.

it's pretty light, but we're doing darker vinyl shingles on the two peaks, along with white trim around the front windows. nothing crazy, just classic. and the light color will look good for a while, we hope - less fading.

it's looking like maybe the siding and roof will be close to done at the end of next week. heck yeah!

as for ben and i, we are on a serious schedule. we pulled up a google calendar to map out exactly what we have to do each night/weekend in order to finish the projects we've started by mid-october. our social lives are pretty nonexistent, except for church and bible studies. we're missing our beloved dg conference this weekend, too, which is kind of an anniversary for us. we "met" at this one in 2004. "sex and the supremacy of Christ" makes for a great story. five long years ago!