a blessed day

today truly has been a day where i feel the weight of grace. just a few moments ago i was standing in the NEW kitchen, smelling the zucchini bread in the NEW oven (nutmeg is a new favorite spice!) and watching through the gorgeously huge kitchen window as our hired helpers wrapped tyvek on our home. i was struck by the immense blessing this whole experience has been. God has made it all possible.

in the past few days, friends and family have reiterated to me how awesome it is that we are so young and able to truly customize our home like we have. and they are right - this is a blessing we don't deserve. i am thankful to God for this opportunity, and hope that i never take it for granted.

i just got off the phone with my neighbor. she is such a gem. she offered me encouragement and Scripture for a situation i was struggling in. then she called me with a situation that needs prayer. ben and i looked for houses for two years and this is where God put us..."0h, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!" He is so good.

as for house work, we are in the final push! i'll post some pics soon...we took off the old siding last weekend and the contractors have continued the work...we're getting there!