scenes from a house

i stole/tweaked that title from an ingmar bergman movie we watched in my scandinavian literature class at the u. i don't know why it came back to me. (it's really called scenes from a marriage and i'm not sure i'd recommend it.)

anyways, we are still here, still working. here are a few snapshots.

as for that list, here's where we stand:

*choose, paint, and install casing, base, and trim (half round, too)
*install trim above cabinets
*paint door to garage
*paint closet doors
*paint door to basement
*paint pocket doors
*install doorknob to garage no more hole in the door! :)
*touch up paint in kitchen
*touch up paint in mudroom
*take off siding
*order windows
*take down wallpaper

hmmm.....that list got simultaneously shorter and longer.