to-do list.

it's been quiet around here. we are loving our kitchen. loving it. i spent most of sunday cooking and baking, and it was just wonderful. returning to our normal routine for grocery shopping felt great. it was my turn to lead bible study on monday night, which means i got to bring treats. i had a request for some raspberry/white chocolate/almond bars, so i just had to bring those (i was dying to make them - they are one of my few favorite non-chocolate desserts). my mom also has a killer sweet chex mix-type recipe, so i tried that out, too. turns out ben thinks pretty highly of it, so i think we've found a keeper.

i think having each piece of this kitchen come together so slowly has made us so grateful for it all. i mean, when the windows went in, it was jump-up-and-down exciting. then the cabinets, countertops, what a blessing to have this kitchen. ben and i pray that we will use it for God's glory and not our Lord willing, lots of people over for meals and fellowship and time spent making treats to bless others!

we've taken a little breather from any intense house projects and we're just enjoying the space. it isn't done yet, so i haven't posted many pictures. i'm realizing there is a big difference between "done" and "functional." it is currently in the latter state. here's our to-do list for the kitchen, mudroom, and half bath:

*choose, paint, and install casing, base, and trim (half round, too)
*install trim above cabinets
*paint door to garage
*paint closet doors
*paint door to basement
*paint pocket doors
*install doorknob to garage (we FINALLY picked one out...this whole time, we've just had a hole!)

and that doesn't even include decorating (the best part, of course). we'll just use an old table with a tablecloth and some chairs we're borrowing from my parents until we find some suitable furniture. we're like-minded in the thought that we'd like to live in the space and see how we'll use it before we buy anything.

currently on our plate is the exterior of the house. right now, the exterior is cracked and peeling all over and it looks terrible. the pitch on one part of the roof is causing some strange runoff and potential water damage. so new siding and a new roof are in order.

(the sad current state of affairs)

we've narrowed down siding choices and roof colors. we're ordering new windows for the entire house. i'm actually looking forward to taking the siding off ourselves (to save money). i'm learning that i really enjoy the satisfaction of finishing a job involving manual labor.

i've also got some small projects to complete. i showed some friends at work house pictures, and one friend was surprised that we haven't painted over the upstairs rooms yet. it's funny - we still have this old wallpaper up around the front door! we've been so focused on big projects that there are many smaller things that we just haven't gotten to yet.

(can you see the wallpaper around the door? it's gotta go.)

it'll get done. for now, we're gonna work hard, but enjoy some summer while it lasts.