tile style

here we are on sunday night, 8pm. by the grace of God we finished tiling with a little time to relax before the week starts. here is a rundown of the tiling project:

monday night: we cut and drilled plywood over the subfloor. i helped ben after i got back from bible study, so we probably spent two hours doing that.

tuesday night: finished laying and drilling the plywood. worked from 7-10ish.
wednesday night: cut the cement backerboard, and mixed the mortar to stick it down. we drilled it in, too. worked from 7-about midnight.
friday: a friend came over to help me get started with the tiling. worked from 11-4:30.

saturday: ben and i tiled a little more. worked from 11:30-5:45 (and then showered at lightning speed to get to a wedding at 7!)

sunday: finished laying the tile. worked from 5-8. throughout the weekend, i pretty much cut the tile on the wet saw and dana/ben placed it on the floor.

so we have almost 25 hours logged for this project, which is exactly what our home depot book estimates it would take a beginner. however, we haven't even grouted yet. oh well! :)