weekend update

the lack of posts of late is not due to lack of work on the house. no, the lack of posts is due to lack of a computer. that's right - our fantastic mac crashed! but not to worry, all is well as a result of applecare.

here's what has happened in the last week or two:

*we finished drywalling the kitchen, mudroom, closet, and half bath

*we finished drywalling the living room

*we tore out the racetrack ceiling and drywalled that, too

*a contractor came to mud, tape, and spray the whole shebang

*ben mowed the lawn!

*we primed the ceiling in the kitchen, mudroom, closet, and half bath

*contractors came to patch in, sand, and refinish our hardwood floors

*we finalized our cabinet order, picked out the paint color (for the cabinets), and the knobs/pulls

*we narrowed down our appliance order

*we got a corian estimate

whew. it's been a lot. i think the floors might be my favorite part - they look absolutely amazing. i usually favor dark floors, but ours are light. there is actually no stain on them, i don't think...just a finish. whatever that means. but considering how beat up they were before, they look pretty darn good.

we are heading up to the cabin tonight, but we'll put in plenty of work on monday. here's to long weekends as a homeowner!