we have walls!

this past weekend was an eventful one. on saturday, we had a crew of guys come over to help us drywall. it was exciting - a very marked occasion of putting our kitchen back together again.

my mom and i did some surveying of the garden while the guys worked. we got lunch ready, and then i went to a wedding shower for kaylee while the menfolk slaved away. on saturday morning, the house looked like this:

we worked most of sunday afternoon, too, and at the end of the day, the kitchen looked like this:

the vision is coming together! really, i got so excited as the sheets of drywall went up. i spent most of sunday screwing in the drywall and i was starting to lose steam. but i got a second wind (after i went downstairs and ate a cookie) and we finished up a lot of the smaller pieces in the closet and bathroom.

we are hiring a taper - that is definitely not something i'd like to attempt. later this week, we'll be finalizing our cabinet order, as well as appliances. i have some paint colors picked out for the walls, as well as ideas for tile for the mudroom/closet/bathroom. we're on the brink of really starting to see the changes come quickly!