we passed with flying colors!

well, i don't know about that, but we did pass our electrical inspection. hooray!

next up: plumbing inspection, spray insulation, finishing the electrical, fixing some HVAC issues, and then maybe even...drywall? possibly next week?

we'll be in boston/new hampshire over the weekend to visit maggie and wes. we're looking forward to the break from house stuff. we found out that our one working bathroom's sink is leaking. most of the stuff in the under-sink cabinet was soaking wet. funny. i'm looking forward to staying with them for many reasons, but one is that it will be a construction-free home. :)


i snapped a few photos of our remedy for the aforementioned sink problem. maggie and wes, we can't wait to be your houseguests and leave this behind for a weekend!!!

our remedy, a fan to dry it out:

the plumber's remedy, cutting holes in the wall to access the pipes:

at least it's fixed!