our new favorite haunt

tonight, ben and i went to visit a special place called cannon recovery. it is like the tj maxx of home building supplies. they carry remnants, overstocks, wrong orders, etc. at discounted prices. bert told us about it, and i can already tell it is going to be a favorite place of ours!

they had aisles and aisles of cabinets, carpet, countertops, vanities, windows, doors, and flooring. this is only one of the warehouses:

it reminded me of the last scene from indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark when they place the ark in a warehouse full of boxes. the door aisles reminded ben of monsters, inc. so this picture is for dave, because apparently i'm boo:

we were looking for a double closet door, two pocket doors, and a few windows. we ended up snagging two pockets. of course, they will be primed and painted white. i'm going to go ahead and estimate that approximately 80% of the wood that enters our home will be painted white (with a 5% margin of error). what can i say, i like white.

we got the two doors for just under $12o. that seemed like a pretty good price! they have a few tiny imperfections, but because they are pocket doors they will spend most of their lives hidden in the walls. :)